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Turn your in-person event into a content megafactory

All-in-one event planning, videography, and content production help you reduce spend and maximize event impact




Are you a B2B tech company looking to connect with your prospects, customers, and community? Microevents can be an effective way to do so while providing an opportunity to generate a significant amount of branded content.

However, in-person events can be complex to plan and costly to execute. Many B2B marketing teams may not have the resources to handle the planning, production, and processing of event content in-house. This can lead to inflated expenses, disorganized processes, and subpar results.

To avoid these issues, EventShark offers a solution by filming, editing, and delivering polished video clips of your event. This way, you can take advantage of the benefits of in-person events and their content potential without overextending your team's capacity.

We also streamline the various components of your event to ensure a smooth and successful experience. No more unusable raw video cluttering up your folders – let EventShark take care of it all and elevate your events to the next level!

Our Clients

Chili Piper


Event Planning
/ Booking
Prep to Post, full service event planning. Spice up your next in-person event.

Our pros come in, set up, and film. You show up and we do the rest.

Content Editing
Processing and post production for highly impactful social media content formats.

Event Consultation
Leverage our extensive experience to elevate your field marketing.

Live Entertainment
Music, Emcee, and our exclusive interactive freestyle rap activation.
AV Services
Fuss-free audio visual that just works.

Our team

Ding is a creator, rapper, and former top performing tech AE. Better known as "The Sales Rapper," Ding has attended, consulted, and performed at countless B2B events. While attending these events, he noticed a lack of content being produced and saw an opportunity for B2B marketers to transform their microevents into content megafactories. Let Ding and his team at EventShark help you make the most of your in-person events and turn them into content powerhouses.
Jake is a combination of sales+marketing+content creation with the motto, “Let’s make B2B more interesting!” Jake currently leads sales at Fulfill.com with prior experience having launched his own event planning company from 2018-2020, shooting/editing videos whenever given the opportunity, and as a successful closing seller at an ABM tech company. Jake is excited to help companies (like yours!) create meaningful in-person business connections through EventShark.